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 1 VS 1 - Rules of engagement

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PostSubject: 1 VS 1 - Rules of engagement   Sun Jan 31, 2010 9:04 pm

There's is always some confusion on when 1v1 applies. I will try to clarify.

Do not coordinate attacks with other players. Only one player should attack another player. Do not attack another player if you see that he is already in combat. If you accidentally end up in a multi-person attack on another player, use your best judgment to decide if one of you needs to pull out. See exceptions at the end.

If someone is attacking an ally UNPROVOKED, which means we didn't attack him first, you may assist your ally only in defending his town. If the attack on an ally is in retaliation for us attacking them, then you may not help in defending the ally town. The other player has a right to a fair retaliation. If the attacker is attacking an ally because of leeching, you may not get involved. The other player has a right to attack a leecher, if they can provide evidence against the ally.

During war time, 1v1 does not apply, and all attacks and defensive can be coordinated together.
If a player is inactive, 1v1 does not apply, and all attacks against him can be coordinated.
If you know the player has no troops and you are just pillaging, you may break 1v1.
Occupations can be cleared with coordinated attacks, unless the occupier is coming to the island in retaliation for an ally attack against them.

Retaliation attacks have to be kept within a week of the time the person was attacked. After that, it's an unprovoked attack.

If you are unfairly attacked by someone more than double your size and have the right to retaliation, you may give that right to another member of the alliance who can retaliate on your behalf. Notify leadership before "pitch-hitting" to consider whether retaliation might escalate into something unwanted.
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1 VS 1 - Rules of engagement
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